5 Amazing Massage Chairs To Treat Back Pain

Are you looking for the best massage for back pain? I reviewed 5 of the best massage chair models on the market. You can choose a cheap one or the ultimate luxury version depending on your needs and budget.

No. 1: Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat + Vibration

best massage for back painAs many people must sit on the daily basis, the stresses to sit still can absolutely be real.  When a person must sit for a longer period of time, this will add stress on the back, especially the lower back.  The Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion is a perfect way to take a load off from a long, hard day at the office.  What makes this cushion so amazing is that there is an option implanted in this chair that can offer out a full back massage.  This type of chair cushion is perfect for hardcore gamers who are always sitting down, or for the busy office worker.  How amazing would it be to be able to sit on a chair cushion and get a full back massage at the same time?

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👍 What Is So Great About the Gideon Luxury Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat + Vibration?

  • Adjustable Spot Focusing Massaging:  All this means is that the massaging cushion has specific massage nodes which can pinpoint a specific part in a person’s back.  You will be able to press the arrows up, as well moving it higher up toward your back, or even pressing the arrows down to massage the lower portions of your back.  There are also different levels of intensity to set this cushion.  A person will be able to set how high or low they want the strength of the specific massage to be.
  • The Mimicking of Real Hands for A Massage: Who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of the feeling of real hands in a massage chair cushion?  The Shiatsu massaging cushion comes equipped with 3D counter-rotating, as well multi-directional balls which profoundly pierce a person’s tissues and muscles during the massage.  Keep in mind that this specific motion will highly mimic the acupressure, as well the penetration of receiving a real-life massage.  This cushion will help to relieve your discomfort, knots, as well any tautness that you may have built up in your back.  The Shiatsu will also relax, soothe, and refresh all the muscles in your back while you sit at home or in the office.  It’s a true win for all parties.
  • Deep Soothing Penetration and Vibration: What a lot of people love about this specific chair cushion is that it comes with three, double deep penetrating tremor nodes, accompanied with three exquisite levels of force!  There will be low, medium, and of course high for people who greatly suffer with back issues.
  • Very East to Use Hand Controls: The Shiatsu chair cushion comes with an easy-to-use keypad that is easy to navigate throughout using only your fingers.  All the functions of how you want your massage will be right there on your keypad, which is always a plus.  It’s no fun to have to switch from this control or that.  All the functionalities that you will need is on one solid, corded keypad!  This cushion can be used while lying flat in a chair or in bed, which is amazing that a person can use this cushion in almost any life situation.

🤔 Overall, Is the Shiatsu Chair Cushion a Great Buy?

As broad of a question as that is, we would have to say that the purchasing of this product will be a win for most people that suffer with back problems.  Yes, there will be people out there to not be satisfied with the chair cushion, but that’s just people and some are absolutely impossible to please.  With the different levels of intensity that a person can go through with this cushion makes it so diverse, aiding to more people with back problems and for that one fact alone, we would absolutely say that this would be a perfect buy for most everyone and really, who doesn’t want the luxury of a professional massage sitting right there at home?

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No. 2: Sable Massage Chair, Massager for Back Shiatsu Seat

best massage for back painThere are billions of people worldwide that work in that tiresome, office setting and with that will come with more than likely, a tired back and legs.  Then, we have the gamer who sits most of their day and they will be in the same circumstance as anyone else who sits all or most of the day.  The constant sitting will cause a person’s back to become stiff, sore in some spots and a lot of the times, radiating down the legs.

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👍 What Is So Great About the Sable Massage Chair, Massager for Back Shiatsu Seat?

  • Ultimate Control Relief: This amazing chair has the technology to mimic the kneading of real hands during a real-life massage.  Keep in mind that this chair will give a person quite the comforting massage involvement which radiates throughout a person’s back, buttocks, as well neck.  This chair has been noted amongst it’s buyers as being one of the top-notch massaging chairs on the current market.
  • Boosting Blood Circulation: There is a heat setting regulator switch for the neckline, as well back sections of this chair which reaches one hundred and thirteen degrees.  This has been noted to help circulate blood circulation just as if you’re getting a revitalizing Spa experience, all within a simple five minutes of being in the chair!
  • Amazing Customized Massage: What so many people love about this specific chair is the fact that this chair will independently control three different levels of the massage, which is diverse for a lot of customers.  A person will be able to alter the course of the massage, as well the position of the neck massage which will best suit a person.  You will also be able to elect between four rotating Shiatsu levels in regards of pinpointing a specific portion on your body or even pinpoint the whole back!  How amazing does that sound?  Get this, you can even choose low range, intermediate, or even high for the vibration setting, which will strengthen for an astounding buttock massage.
  • Always Safety: This chair has been certified, to say the least.  It comes with a FDA consent, UL registered convertor, as well hotness defense!  A fifteen-minute auto timer is also included with this item.  This feature has granted a lot of customers in the past, the self-assurance of knowing that this item has been highly secured in all the safety features which make this chair very safe to use.  If you happen to forget to turn it off, the fifteen-minute auto timer will take care of that for you!
  • High Levels of Comfort: This chair comes with a very airy back net which can absolutely survive all the usage over the years, children and animals playing in it and so forth.  It has been fashioned with PU leather, which is both relaxed and soft, as well being very easy for washing various surface markings.  This chair has highly been recommended for people under the six-foot height range.

👎 What Are Some Cons About the Massage Chair?

We must remember that all opinions of this product are merely based upon personal experience, not knowing how to work the chair, or even getting a lemon from the factory.  It is best to take these opinions with a grain of salt, as we all know that everyone is different and with that will come with a lot of positive and negative reinforcement.

  • Durability Issues: There have been reports of the heating option giving out within two days, as well the massage pinpoint on the neck piece has slowed down meaningfully.
  • Not Suitable For Tall People: Some people are complaining that this chair has been designed for people under the six-foot height range, which can be annoying because there are quite a lot of people out there six-foot and over.  There have been quite a few reviews on this chair, stating that the height issue was one of the leading factors in which made a buyer either not purchase the chair or send it back.

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No. 3: Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

best massage for back painWho doesn’t love the idea of coming home to a comfortable chair, relaxing for hours upon hours?  I know that I do!  There is such joy in having a long day at the office, knowing that when you get home, you have an incredible massage chair waiting on you.  What makes this recliner so amazing is the fact that this chair has an auto timer up to thirty minutes, twofold coating shoulder airbags, extra padding for your feet, and a double remote holder!

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👍 What Is So Great About the Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800?

  • Freshly Designed: This chair has a freshly created, easy-to-read manual, as well comes with six auto programs.  This item comes with an auto timer for up to thirty minutes, so a person can upgrade to three stages of zero gravity.  The Space Saving Zero Gravity Chair even comes with twofold coating shoulder airbags, additional foot lining, and a dual remote container, which was added as of October of this year!
  • Technological Advanced Massaging System: This chair has the ability to scan your body in regards of detecting your actual body size.  What is this good for?  Well, the chair does this so it can come up with an individual custom massage suitable only for your body!  The air massage expertise will cover the entire body and the LM-6800 comes with six diverse auto plans, as well distinct yoga extending strategies for a full body stretch, double foot rollers in the foot zone, and space saving knowledge which only requires three inches from a wall.
  • Finest Warranty Package: The Space Saving Zero Gravity Chair offers a three-year warranty and keep in mind that the guarantee is for all the parts on the chair, not just an exact part.  There is even warranty offered for the employment and mechanical outline of the recliner, which is amazing!  It has been guaranteed that this qualified item will be fully repaired if damaged.  Remember that the first year will cover all portions, as well labor cost and customers will never pay any money within the first year of the actual contract.
  • Amazing Heating Therapy: Who doesn’t like to sit in a recliner that has amazing heat therapy?  This massage chair includes the YOGA ranging role, as well the Kyro function when it comes to heating therapy.  The foot area has double foot rollers, as well removable and a washable foot area, accompanied with cotton for cleansing usage. Unbelievably, this massage chair is top rated and top suggested on Amazon for this year.  This chair has also been FDA listed as a medicinal device.
  • Air Cell Massage Technology: The Space Saving Zero Gravity Massage Recliner has a very lovely designed air cell massage arrangement.  What does this system do?  Well, what this means is that the massage is taken up a notch when it comes to massage superiority will perform with less noise.  The actual air cells have been fashioned to inflate distinctly and this will ultimately cause the body to achieve deep stretches and twisting.

🤔 Would the Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Be A Great Buy?

There will always be people to argue against a great product, that’s just life and everyone is different in what they are searching for.  The question of the century would ultimately be, is this Space Saving Zero Gravity Chair a great buy?  It could be for anyone who loves an out of the world, quiet, at-home professional massage; absolutely!  The fact that this item has six auto programs, air cell expertise, as well twofold feet rollers makes this chair one of a kind that anyone could learn to operate and not only that, but truly appreciate!  We would have to say that this chair is a perfect buy for anyone that wants to bring the luxury of a Spa into the comforts of their home.

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No. 4: Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Shiatsu

best massage for back painIntroducing the Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner, this amazing chair can accomplish so much when it comes to high levels of comfort, durability, and luxury right in the comforts of your own home!  This chair comes with four, remarkable massage levels, and a zero-gravity surround space container, which will run consistently across the whole chair!  The rollers on the chair will even massage the feet, which is very popular with a lot of customers after standing for long periods of time in the workforce.

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👍 What Is So Great About the Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner?

  • The Entire Body Massage: The Real Relax comes with four different levels of massage lineups, a zero-gravity surround space container, which has been spread consistently across the entire chair.  It has been fashioned that way to give you that professional massage experience. There are even eight massage key points inside the backrest, which work together with all the other programs and this will give you that full body massage you’ve been waiting for from head to toe!
  • Amazing Armrests: The Real Relax has quite the amazing armrests.  This chair has a high-class linkage system design, a rooted arm clip, which can be used for the pulse category, airbag extrusion reflexology.  The foot roller design is a much more operative foot massage than just having those foot airbags.  The foot massage deeply penetrates the soles of one’s foot, making a person feel as though they are walking on cotton.
  • A Few Others Include: What a lot of customers love about this specific chair is the fact that The Real Relax can promote great blood circulation throughout the in-waist heating arrangement.  It’s also been proven to increase one’s digestion!  The actual seat massager includes a vibration method, heat and air squeeze and the footrests will even spread for people that are somewhat taller.  This chair is very customizable to say the least.  It’s been noted from previous buyers that this chair is very easy to assemble because the chair comes with a thorough manual’s guide and within a little time at all, the chair is fully put together.  Keep in mind that the chair is 100% tested before delivery, which is backed by a lovely three-year warranty.  After the order is placed, your delivery will be rapidly collected and shipped to you in no time at all.

👎 Are There Any Cons with The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner?

Just like any other item out on the market, there will always be a few people to go against a specific item.  There were actually a few noted, negative reviews on this chair and some of those include the following.

  • One customer stated that the installation instructions were simply horrible, and the assembling of the chair didn’t work as stated.  The customer also stated that when the chair was turned on, it began making gulling sounds.  The customer also stated that there wasn’t an ON button on the remote as promised.
  • Another review was made by a customer that was over six foot and this customer complained that the neck rollers were hitting his/her shoulder blades.  This customer also stated that there wasn’t much control and that the roller positions were set, but easy and hard felt exactly the same.

🤔 Essentially, Is the Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner A Great Buy?

To each their own right?  Yes, we encountered a few negative reviews, but that will come with all items.  Maybe these people purchased a lemon from the factory or didn’t assemble the chair the right way; who knows.  Keep in mind that some people will get on review sites just to make a negative review and confuse people.  Oh, the joys of the freedom from the internet, right?  Essentially, is this a great buy for a massage chair?  We would have to say yes because of all the brilliant levels a person can navigate into while sitting in the chair.  The fact that this chair is suitable for persons over the six foot mark and that this chair can administer out a full body massage would make this item quite the amazing buy!

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No. 5: Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion

best massage for back painWhen it comes to seat cushions, who doesn’t want the bring the luxury of a Spa experience to their home or office?  There are billions of people nationwide that work in those tiresome office settings and there are the ones who just want a top-notch chair cushion for their home, which is perfectly fine!  We all want to feel great when we sit, don’t we?  That’s just human nature and it’s quite normal to not have so much lower back pain, as well leg pain.  Introducing to you the Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion for Car and Home.  One factor that makes this cushion so amazing is that it has a cooling effect and a person will be able to use it in the car or at the office.  So literally, a person could use this cushion almost all the time.  This cushion also has a heating option, so not only does it keep you cool during the Summer, but you can stay nice and cozy during the Winter as well!

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👍 What Is So Great About the Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion?

  • Luxury Cooling: This chair cushion has been fashioned with a luxury cooling seat that can only be found in those high-end extravagant Sedans.  This cushion will feature five different speed ventilating fans, as well an exceptionally designed double layer 3D aired mesh holes.  This is to keep you nice and cool while you sit or drive or sit at home in front of the computer.  This item will cool your thighs, back, hips, and so much more!
  • Great Winter Heating: What so many people love about this cushion is not only that it has amazing cooling effects for Summer, but this item also gets heated in under thirty seconds.  You would never have to worry about running outside and letting your car heat up when you can let the cushion do it for you and in under thirty seconds, people!  How great is that?
  • Lovely Vibrating Massage: This Gideon cushion features six amazing pressure point massages that will penetrate quite deeply into a person’s back and thighs, which helps a lot of people to reduce pain and stress that a hard day can add.  This feature is very popular with busy moms because the vibration will tend to feel like the luxuries of a Spa experience and what busy mom even has time to actually go to the Spa?  So, this cushion is exactly what most people are searching for!  Nonetheless, did I we mention that this cushion has six, six highly penetrating settings for optimal use?
  • Easy to Use: The cord on this cushion even has a slip resistant pad on the back of the handle for better control during usage.  All the functions are right there on one hand control, so you will definitely not get tangled up in various cords.  If you’re using this cushion while driving with that many cords, that could get dangerous, so the fact that this device only has one control and cord is amazing and quite safe.  It would be no different than plugging in your car charger.

🤔 Is the Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion a Great Buy?

Essentially, we would have to say that this product would be a perfect buy for someone who would love to add extra comfort and luxury in their lives.  The simple fact that the Gideon has two great features that allow it to get hot or cold has aided to a lot of potential buyers because not everyone will stay the same temperature every single day.  There is so much versatility with this item!  Also, the fact that this item heats up in thirty seconds or less, and the fact that it can change from five different cooling settings definitely makes this product a win for everyone!  Yes, the Gideon cushion is absolutely worth purchasing!

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