Top 5 Standing Desks To Feel Less Back Pain

It is important to have a good desk during our working days. It was proven that working on a standing desk improves the spine health. There are many different standing desks model on the market. I reviewed the best 5 standing desks on this site in each details. Enjoy!

No. 1: Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

best standing deskThe X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter is a budget-friendly sit-or-stand desk that fits well on small office spaces. It is sturdy enough to carry items not exceeding 20 pounds. Most buyers find it easy and convenient to use. The X-Elite Pro generally moves smoothly when the height is adjusted. With the X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter, you can shift easily from your sitting to standing position and vice versa. Now, you can reduce the amount of time you usually spend sitting while doing office work.

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Product Features

  • Height can be adjusted from 7 to 16 inches in the standing position.
  • It lays flat at 2.5 inches in the sitting position.
  • Switch from sitting to standing position in as fast as three seconds
  • Desktop surface is 28 inches by 20 inches.
  • Footprint is 24.5 inches by 16.8 inches.
  • The convertible sit-or-stand desk weighs 27 pounds.
  • Sturdy enough to carry items not exceeding 20 pounds.
  • The desktop is made of laminated particleboard while its legs and base are made of steel.
  • Use it right away upon arrival as no assembly is required.
  • Choose from a variety of colors: black, white, cherry and maple.

👍 Good Points:

  1. Budget-friendly: Reasonable priced, the X-Elite Pro is one of the cheapest standing desks you can find. It’s durable and ergonomically designed, making it a great find for its price.
  2. No assembly required. The product comes fully assembled, so once you lift it out of the box, you can place it on your work desk and use it right away.
  3. The items you put on the standing desk usually don’t wobble or fall off as you carefully change its height. Just ensure that the items don’t exceed the maximum load limit of 20 pounds.
  4. Moves Smoothly. Adjust the X-Elite Pro’s height quick and easy. You can switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa in just three seconds.
  5. Saves Space. If you have a small desk or limited office space, then X-Elite Pro is the right one for you. Compared to other convertible desks, it is smaller, yet its top is spacious enough for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It is most ideal if you prefer to use a laptop rather than a desktop computer set.

👎 Bad Points:

  1. Tight Space for Multi-tasking. Since it is smaller than the other popular options, the items that would fit on the desktop would be fewer, too. For example, the space is quite tight for both using the keyboard and mouse and writing on a notepad. But, this shouldn’t be an issue at all if the desk where it sits on is spacious enough to hold other work stuff.
  2. Not Ideal for Large and Heavy Monitors. Chances are, those monitors that exceed the maximum load limit of 20 pounds would wobble or even fall off from the desk. If your device is heavier, choose a bigger, sturdier convertible desk to ensure the safety of all items.
  3. Doesn’t Have a Pivot Forward Feature. The most convenient convertible desks feature an adjustment option that allows you to pull the desk toward your direction when you’re standing and push it back on your desk when you’re sitting.

🤔 Summary

The X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter is durable, convenient, budget-friendly and easy to use. It’s a great option for a work situation that doesn’t require much multi-tasking, as too many items placed on the desktop might make it more challenging for you to adjust its height whenever you want to.

When choosing a standing desk, one of the first questions that should come to mind is this: “How many items do I need to place on the standing desk and how much do they weigh in total?” It’s utterly important not to overcrowd the desktop or put heavy items that go beyond its maximum load limit. Doing so could break both your computer and your standing desk.

Using X-Elite Pro is a super budget-friendly and effective way to break the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle that is very common in most office work.

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No. 2: The House of Trade Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk Riser

best standing deskThe DeskRiser by The House of Trade is one of the best choices among the heavy duty yet budget-friendly adjustable standing desks. It can support two 24-inch wide monitors with a total weight of up to 50 pounds. With its simple hand levers you can lift and lower the desk with ease and convenience. In an instant, you can change position either you’re sitting or standing.

With the DeskRiser by The House of Trade, you’ll surely experience the wonderful health benefits of standing more and sitting less without burning a hole in your wallet. These include relieving stiff neck and back pain and reducing the risk for heart diseases and diabetes.

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Product Features

  • It comes with five incremental height options suitable for people 5ft to 6ft tall.
  • Sturdy enough to carry items up to 50 pounds.
  • Overall dimensions: 32.5-inch wide by 24.5-inch to 26.75-inch deep by 6.5 to 16.5-inch high.
  • Desktop is spacious to carry dual monitors or one monitor and one laptop.
  • Raise and lower height with convenience through its simple hand levers. Just squeeze, lift, and switch from sit to stand.
  • It has a built-in retractable keyboard tray that is 24-inch wide and 10.2-inch deep.
  • The standing desk comes fully assembled.
  • Product is made of MDF wood and aluminum frame.
  • Available colors are black and white.
  • You can also buy it as standing desk and mat combo.
  • Overall dimensions of standing mat: 32-inch wide by 20-inch deep by ¾-inch thick.

👍 Good Points

  1. Cheaper than Other Brands: For only $214.99, you’ll get a fully-assembled, heavy duty adjustable sit to stand desk that can carry items with a total weight of 50 pounds. Add $38.99 and you’ll be able to get a standing desk and an anti-fatigue standing mat combo. It’s a great buy for its price and it’s actually cheaper than the rest of its competitors.
  2. Designed for Heavy Duty Use: What you’ll love about this standing desk is its ability to support dual monitors with heavy weight, yet, there’s still a small space left for other essential office stuff such as your penholder and notepad. The desk’s sturdy design secures your valued office equipment from wobbling or falling off when raising or lowering the desk. Just be extra careful when adjusting its height though.
  3. Comes with Five Incremental Height Options: You can choose from its five different height levels from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches. So, if your height is somewhere between 5 feet to 6 feet, this standing desk is perfect for you. Because it’s ergonomically designed, you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable and good standing posture while doing your work.
  4. Has a Built-in Retractable Keyboard Tray: The standing desk has a keyboard tray for medium-sized keyboard and mouse that you can easily pull out and push back in, just like a regular computer desk.
  5. Ships Fully Assembled: Once you unbox the DeskRiser, place it on top of your work desk, put your office equipment on it, adjust it to your desired height, and start working. You’ll never face the hassle of assembling its components because it comes fully assembled. 

👎 Bad Points

  1. A Bit Difficult to Raise When Using Two Monitors: Few individuals with chronic back pain issues find it quite difficult to adjust the height of the standing desk when using two heavy monitors. However, it isn’t too complicated to address this issue. You can use a single monitor or laptop that is lightweight.
  2. Bulkier than the Smaller Types: Of course, compared to its smaller counterparts, it would take up much space on a regular work desk. Yet, the DeskRiser itself is spacious enough to hold most of your office essentials.
  3. Keyboard Tray is Small for a Full size keyboard and mouse: Only a medium-sized keyboard and mouse would fit on the retractable keyboard tray. It isn’t ideal if you prefer to use a full size keyboard and mouse.

🤔 Summary

Overall, the DeskRiser by The House of Trade is a great buy for its price. It is designed for heavy duty use, comes fully assembled, super easy to use and ideal for people whose height falls somewhere between 5 feet to 6 feet.

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No. 3: Tranzendesk Standing Desk

best standing deskTranzendesk is a full-size sit or stand desk with varying height options from 29 inches to 46 inches. It also features a wide desktop surface that can fit up to three monitors and other office essentials. You can use it as multifunction desk for working on your computer, writing, sewing or even gaming.

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Product Features

  • Height is easy to adjust from 29 inches to 46 inches with a smooth and ergonomic crank.
  • Crank can be mounted either left or right side.
  • Desktop surface is 55 inches by 23.5 inches which is enough to fit up to three monitors.
  • Maximum weight capacity on the desktop is 85 pounds.
  • Estimated assembly time for the desk is 30 to 60 minutes.
  • It can be used as a standing office workstation, standing computer desk, standing writing desk, and more.
  • High quality sleek black desktop surface and silver gray powder coated legs.
  • Tranzendesk weighs 59 pounds and it’s made of melamine coated particle board and metal legs.

👍 Good Points

  1. Super Sturdy Desk: The maximum load capacity that Tranzendesk can support is up to 85 pounds. Most buyers found no issue on items wobbling or falling off when they raise or lower the height of the desk using the smooth and ergonomic hand crank. The desk is steady and sturdy, you’ll feel secure and comfortable about placing your work equipment on its surface.
  2. Extra Spacious Surface: Its 55-inch by 23.5-inch surface can carry up to three monitors. It’s also super spacious for all your needed office essentials such as keyboard and mouse, pens, notebooks, and phone. There’s even a spare space for your coffee. From working on your computer to jotting down to-do lists and taking your coffee break, you’ll surely love how freely you can move in your workstation.
  3. Comes with Smooth Crank that Easily Adjusts Height: Designed to enable you to easily switch from sit to stand position, it comes with a smooth and ergonomic crank that you can place on the either side of the desk. So, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, adjusting the height of the desk is convenient and requires minimal effort. Stand more and sit less throughout your workday!
  4. Full-size Stand up Desk: Since it’s a full-size stand up desk, you can use it as your permanent workspace. It does not require another desk where you can place it on. It has varying heights you can choose from between 29 inches to 46 inches. Instead of buying a regular office table, you can choose Tranzendesk if you wish to have a sit or stand desk and save more from your budget.
  5. Multifunction Standing Desk: With the rising popularity of standing desks and its wonderful health benefits, more and more people are encouraged to promote a more active lifestyle even though their work is generally done when they’re seated most of the time. Nevertheless, Tranzendesk has multifunction uses that enable individuals to stand more and sit less. You can use it as your permanent workstation, writing desk, sewing table, gaming table, and many more.

👎 Bad Points

  1. Doesn’t Come Fully Assembled: Unlike smaller adjustable sit to stand desks that you usually place on top of another table, Tranzendesk does not come fully assembled. Probably, it’s mainly because it will be too bulky when shipped, or it’s simply designed that way. Even so, the estimated assembly time is from 30 to 60 minutes. There’s also a manual that has a simple step-by-step procedure that will guide you throughout the process. So, it’s not really much of a hassle if it does not come fully assembled. Many buyers did the work solo although it’s better if there’s another person who can help you out to assemble the desk’s components.
  2. No Color Options Available: Many prospective buyers will surely love the idea of several color options. Unfortunately, Tranzendesk is only available in black desktop surface and silver gray powder legs.

🤔 Summary

This full-size desk is already an ideal and practical option. It can be your permanent workspace that allows you to easily switch your work position throughout the day, address body pain issues, achieve a smaller waistline, and increase productivity.

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No. 4: Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand Desk

best standing deskThe Executive Office Solutions provides a basic and budget-friendly answer for people who wish to set up their workspace anywhere, work more actively, and increase productivity. Finally, here’s a portable adjustable standing desk that won’t take up much space and light weight enough for you to carry around. You can start working while standing with less hassles!

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Product Features

  • Height of the desk can be fully extended to 20 inches.
  • Weighing only 3.6 pounds, the item is a lightweight aluminum stand than other well-known standing desks and it’s easy to carry around.
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 16.5 x 1.2 inches
  • It can support a 15-inch to 17-inch laptop.
  • Total product package comes with a mouse pad that can be attached to either side of the desk, a USB cord you can connect to your laptop and power the CPU cooling fans, and two clips that can be optionally placed on the front of the stand to secure your laptop.
  • Product has multiple uses including a portable standing desk, tablet holder, writing desk, book tray, TV dinner tray, sound equipment, and projector.

👍 Good Points

  1. Great Price: This portable adjustable desk by Executive Office Solutions is definitely one of the cheapest standing desks you can find. You’ll get a standing desk that comes with basic yet ideal features that most buyers would find satisfactory. If you wish to make any workday productive and more active, this standing desk can be the simple and budget-friendly solution.
  2. Portable and adjustable: Many standing desks are quite bulky and permanently stationed on another desk or in a workspace. Therefore, you’re not given the option to move your standing desk and work somewhere else no matter how much you want to. The Executive Office Solutions resolves this need by coming up with a portable adjustable desk that you can literally set up anywhere, even on your bed.
  3. Light Weight: Unlike the rest of the options available, this portable adjustable desk is light weight—it only weighs 3.6 pounds. No hassle to carry this item around and set it up anytime and anywhere.
  4. Designed for Multiple Uses: It’s not only designed as a standing desk for your laptop, you can also use it as tablet holder, writing desk, book tray, TV dinner tray, sound equipment and projector. Since it has many possible uses, it’s definitely worth the purchase. So, no matter what you’re doing, you can accomplish your activities while standing more and sitting less.
  5. Comes with Silent CPU Cooling Fans: The cooling fans that come as another awesome product feature are indeed the quietest CPU cooling fans you’ll have. Many buyers expressed their positive feedback on this feature so you can be confident that the same is true on the item you’ll purchase. CPU cooling fans will never have to distract you from work again.
  6. Money Back Guarantee: Should this product fail to reach your expectations, the Executive Office Solutions offers a hundred percent money back guarantee.

👎 Bad Points

  1. A Little Wobbly: If you type hard on your laptop, you’ll notice that the desk gets wobbly. The legs are made of plastic which has probably made the desk a little unstable.
  2. Mouse Pad Area is Quite Small: Many buyers complain about the size of the mouse pad area. This shouldn’t be a problem for laptop users who don’t use external mouse.
  3. A Bit Challenging to Adjust Both Legs of the Desk at a time: It takes some minutes to adjust both legs at an ergonomic height and angle that’s right for you. But once you finished this step right, the desk works generally fine as most buyers found.
  4. Doesn’t Support Heavy Monitors: If you are using a desktop computer, choose a bigger, sturdier standing desk that is able to support heavy monitors. This desk from the Executive Office Solutions is only good for a single laptop. 

🤔 Summary

If you are a frequent laptop user, this standing desk is ideal for you. It offers basic yet ideal features most buyers look for at a reasonable price. 

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No. 5: SDADI Carpet Wheel Mobile Stand Up Desk

best standing deskThe options for full-size adjustable desks are usually pricey. Nevertheless, SDADI came up with an affordable yet robust product that is easy to assemble, convenient to move around, and stays steady on its location. Ergonomically designed for most men and women, it addresses the need to move as much as possible throughout the day even while working.

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Product Features

  • Height of the desk can be adjusted from 27.5 to 45.3 inches which works well for both males and females.
  • You can set the desk’s height at 23.6 inches if you wish to do work while sitting.
  • The item ships unassembled so you have to do this by yourself.
  • Average assembly time takes 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Product comes with necessary installation tools.
  • It includes two-inch ABS mute wheels with locking function.
  • Durable product with its 1.2 mm steel structure, rustproof coating finishing, and 16 mm environmental MDF panel.
  • It has also hidden power cord holder under the front panel.
  • Product Dimensions: 45.3 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches.
  • Product weighs 26 pounds.

👍 Good Points

  1. Budget-friendly: Most full-size sit or stand desk are sold at hefty prices. So, it’s amazing that SDADI came up with a full-size yet budget-friendly adjustable desk that functions well with its ideal features. The price of the desk is only $79.99. Also, there’s 14-day policy on returning the product if it didn’t meet your expectations. So, within two weeks, you can test whether this product works well for you or not. Customer satisfaction is prioritized with the company’s lifetime free parts replacement guarantee.
  2. Ergonomically Designed for Both Men and Women: You can adjust the height of the desk from 27.5 inches to 45.3 inches. This height range is ideal and ergonomic for most men and women. Some buyers who are 6 feet tall are overall satisfied and comfortable doing work on SDADI’s standing desk. Even on seat mode, it guarantees the ergonomic comfort you deserve. It’s really ideal for home, office, or school use.
  3. 2-in-1 Permanent Home or Office Desk: If you are to choose between this desk and a regular office desk that the height is not adjustable, no wonder, this is the wise choice. It allows you to move throughout the day and it’s the best way to relieve all kinds of body pain that usually result from prolonged hours of sitting. The desk has various uses including a permanent computer work station, writing desk, and reading table.
  4. Moves Easily on Carpet: SDADI has updated the wheels of the desk into two inches. This essential update made the wheels roll smoothly on carpet so that you can easily move the desk from one location to another in case you need to. The wheels have also locking mechanism designed to make the desk stable once you’ve placed it on its ideal location.
  5. Designed to be Durable: The desk is designed and made with durable materials. Buyers are assured that the product lasts long. However, since it is smaller and light weight than most full-size convertible desks, it is advised to only place a single laptop of up to 17 inches on it to prevent it from getting wobbly. Do not load the desk with too heavy stuff, otherwise, you may risk your items or the desk itself of breaking down.

👎 Bad Points

  1. Product Does Not Ship Fully Assembled: You probably wish that all furniture are delivered fully assembled at your doorstep and once you unbox it and install it on its right place, you’ll be up and working. Most full-size convertible desks though don’t come fully assembled. However, this 2-in-1 office desk from SDADI may only take 15 to 20 minutes to assemble. Product also comes with necessary tools and manual for your convenience.
  2. Desktop is Small and not Convenient for Large and Heavy Monitors: As mentioned previously, the surface of the desktop is small and less sturdy for large and heavy monitors. To make sure you’re using the desk at its best, load only light weight office equipment on it.

🤔 Summary

Overall, this desk from SDADI is a great buy. It is a full-size adjustable desk, yet it doesn’t take much space. It is easy to move around, yet it stays in place with its wheels’ locking mechanism. It is designed and made with sturdy materials which ensures customer satisfaction.

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